Philips Lumea BRI973/00 Cordless 9900 Series IPL Hair Removal with SkinAI

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Philips Lumea BRI973/00 Cordless 9900 Series IPL Hair Removal with SkinAI
Introducing our most intelligent solution for achieving long-lasting smooth skin: the latest cordless Lumea IPL device equipped with SenseIQ Technology. But that's not all - we've added exclusive SkinAI features to the Lumea IPL app, allowing you to analyze your skin and monitor your progress with ease.
With our fastest IPL device yet, you can now enjoy a hassle-free hair removal experience. The SenseIQ Technology ensures that each treatment is tailored to your skin type, maximizing efficiency and minimizing discomfort. And with the new SkinAI features in the app, you can get a more detailed understanding of your skin and track your progress over time.
Say goodbye to the endless search for the perfect hair removal solution and hello to smooth, radiant skin. Discover the power of Lumea IPL today.
Our smartest IPL with exclusive SkinAI features
Enjoy 12 months of hair-free smooth skin*
  • SmartSkin sensor
  • 3 intelligent attachments: body, face, and precision. 
  • Exclusive AI-powered app features
  • Both cordless and corded use
Smart skin analysis with SkinAI

Our free coaching app offers step-by-step guidance, now with exclusive SkinAI technology, to analyse your skin and track hair reduction.

Developed with dermatologists to be easy and effective

As a leader in health technology, Philips developed Lumea IPL in consultation with dermatologists, for easy and effective use in the safety of your home. Derived from technology used in professional salons, Lumea IPL offers gentle treatment, even on sensitive areas.

Full solution for face and body with 3 smart attachments

Specially designed attachments perfectly fit the curves of your body and trigger the most effective programs for each body area when they are connected. Face: Flat design and small window with UV filter. Body: Curved inwards with a large window. Precision mode: outwardly curved tip for hard-to-reach areas.

Treat only 2 x a month for fast results

Every 2 weeks to start with — that's half as many treatments as other brands. Followed by touch-ups just once a month. That's it. Covering both lower legs takes 8.5 minutes

Gentle and comfortable with SenseIQ

Lumea 9900 Series has five easily adjustable light settings. Our SmartSkin sensor reads your skin tone and helps you find the most comfortable setting. Intelligent attachments adapt treatment for each body area.

The only Lumea with cordless option

For extra convenience, Lumea 9900 Series is our only IPL with cordless functionality, which makes it even easier to reach anywhere with precision and to use it from anywhere you want.

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